For some, protruding ears can be a cause for embarrassment. Many say that large or protruding “bat ears” can lead to a lack of self-confidence.

Many children experience teasing and being bullied for their ears, which leads to lower self-esteem and low self-confidence. This stigma can follow them into their adult years as well. Our surgeons at Florida Cosmetic Surgery Center perform otoplasty for patients in the Orlando region to create a more pleasing size and shape for protruding ears.


Studies have shown that the emotional benefits from an Otoplasty procedure include:

  • Immediate increased confidence
  • Immediate increase in self esteem
  • Negative attention ceases

How Long does Ear Surgery Take?

Most Otoplasty procedures are performed in 2-3 hours.

Otoplasty or ear reshaping is performed on an outpatient basis with local or general anesthetic.

Your surgeon performs Otoplasty by making a small incision at the back of the ear to reveal the ear cartilage, and then the surgeon reshapes the cartilage inside the ear. Stitches will hold the patient’s ears back; thus the term "ear pinning". The marks from the incision are naturally hidden within the fold behind the ear.



Ear Surgery Recovery Period

Once the stitches have closed the incisions, a soft bandage will be wrapped over and around the ears to keep them in the desired position and protect them until they heal. The bandages will be removed in a week or so along with the stitches. The shape of your new ears will be visible immediately.


Ear Gauge Reversal / Ear Lobe Repair

Whether it is because of a lifestyle or career change, entering the Armed Forces, or just the desire for change, many people today are choosing to remove the gauges and have plastic surgery to return their ears to a more normal appearance.


Gauge repair is generally a straight-forward procedure that does not require sedation, takes only about an hour, and will achieve your goal in returning your ears to their pre-gauge appearance. 




Any piercing in an earlobe places it at risk of tearing. The amount of stretching of the earlobe opening depends on the size, style and weight of the earrings you wear. The larger, dangle style earrings can easily catch on clothing or be grasped by a child resulting in a partially or completely torn earlobe. 

At Florida Cosmetic Surgery Center, our plastic surgeons repair torn or stretched earlobes for patients in the Orlando region using a minor surgical procedure under a local anesthetic.  Most torn ear lobes can be repaired by simply taking out the edges of the tear and repositioning the new edges evenly and allowing them to heal in place. Elongated, and misshaped earlobes can be shortened or reshaped to provide a more attractive, youthful appearance. And filler injections make thin earlobes thicker and more resistant to tears in the future.



How Long is Recovery from Earlobe Repair?

A little antibiotic ointment is applied and tiny amount of drainage from the wound is to be expected. Our physician will remove any sutures in 1 - 2 weeks after your earlobe repair procedure.


How soon can I wear earrings after earlobe repair surgery?

Wait about three months or until your scar is soft before you get your lobe re-pierced. Then wait another three months after surgery before wearing large or heavy earrings.




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