Dr. Dennis R. Ward MD, PA

Medical Director

A native to this area, Dr. Ward has called Orlando home since 1953. After receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Biology from Southern Missionary College of Collegedale, Tennessee, he then attended and graduated from Loma Linda School of Medicine, receiving an MD degree in 1976. After his residency at the USPHS Hospital in the Baltimore, Maryland's Shock Trauma Unit, Dr. Ward returned to Florida where he trained in the specialty of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the University of Florida (Shand's Hospital) and completed his senior fellowship in 1983. He has been practicing Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery exclusively since that time.

With over thirty-two years of experience, Dr. Ward has developed a vibrant practice with a special interest in the cosmetic side of plastic surgery. Loved by all his patients, Dr. Ward has provided superb care throughout the years with excellent results.

Here's what Dr. Ward's patients have to say...

"Dr. Ward, himself is great!...His personality is friendly and caring. He asks lots of questions and makes sure he knows exactly what you are there for, your reasons, etc." - Melinda

"Dr. Ward and his staff are very professional and caring individuals. I had a breast augmentation and they look and feel so natural that I can't tell they are not mine...I 100% recommend this doctor" -Patient of Dr. Ward

"Dr Ward was highly recommended to me by a friend that had cosmetic surgery. After much research I decided to make the leap myself and make my appointment to see Dr Ward and start my journey. Dr Ward and his entire staff made my experience absolutely amazing. From start to finish they took the time to walk me through every step of the process...Thank you thank you thank you for making me such a happy girl. Dr Ward you and your staff are truly a step above the rest." - Jessica

"I had a breast augmentation done in 1999. It is 2016 and I have never had any issues with them since the surgery. They are gorgeous, are exactly what I wanted, and I receive compliments regularly. I highly recommend and love Dr. Ward. He is a true professional and demonstrates perfection in his work. At the first meeting you felt very comfortable. He was very patient and explained the procedure very clearly. After the procedure which was done with perfection, there were scheduled follow up appointments. Each appointment was on time, he patiently discussed the next steps, and I recovered very happily. Through the 16 years, I came back a few times just for a routine checkup and he was very consistent. Dr. Ward is my go to guy for outstanding plastic surgery!" - Candy

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