Facial Implants

Chin & Cheek Implants in Orlando, Florida

For centuries, well-defined facial features have been considered traits of physical beauty. Prominent cheek bones and a strong chin provide balance and definition. For those seeking these natural marks of distinction, make-up used to be the only alternative.

Now, thanks to modern technology, there is a safe, permanent method to correct a receding chin and provide those high cheekbones sought after by men and women worldwide. At Florida Cosmetic Surgery Center, our plastic surgeons perform chin augmentation, or mentoplasty, and cheek implants, or malar augmentation, for patients in the Orlando region. These surgical procedures are designed to provide a more vibrant and attractive look of distinction. These procedures can also benefit those with asymmetries or congenital defects.

Are Facial Implants Right for Me?

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“Dr Ward and his entire staff made my experience absolutely amazing. From start to finish they took the time to walk me through every step of the process.”Jessica